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As an uncle or aunt, you need to show your nephew, how much you love him. On your nephew’s birthday, you have a great opportunity to show your special feelings and how much close to him you are.

When they put him in my arms for the very first time, I looked at him and all I could do was cry with joy! He was perfect, beautiful, and, above all, his big brown eyes shined with happiness! He is not just the joy in our lives, he is also loved by everyone he knows, a good brother, a caring grandson, a cool nephew, smart, cute, friendly, kind, witty, and incredibly sweet!

If you know what it’s like to have so much love for your nephew, make sure that your nephew knows too. Consider sending him a card or email to demonstrate just how much you love him. Birthday wishes are a great way to say, “I love you” and also a great way of keeping family bonds strong.

In this post, you can find a cool collection of birthday wishes for your nephew to send him.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

1. My nephew, you’re like a friend to me. The best part is that you’re family and family never stay away from each other. Happy Birthday, Dear.

2. Dear nephew, may you spend your birthday doing the things you love to do!

3. My awesome nephew, I look at you and realize that there is hope for our crazy family.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

4. Dear nephew, I have not known the genuine importance of fun, energy, and experience until you came into my life. Happy Birthday

5. There are lots of hugs to go around, but today, I’m saving them all for my sweet nephew.

6. You’re the most adorable, talented, and mischievous nephew there is. Happy birthday to the perfect nephew!

7. Here’s to a remarkable birthday for a remarkable young man. We love you more than you know.

8. The benefit of having a nephew as smart and bright as you is that I learn something new every day. I hope you have a great birthday.

9. You’re the coolest and more adorable nephew in town. Happy Birthday to you.My dear Nephew, you are sure to make life more amazing each time you let that amazing personality shine through.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

10. Your presence in our lives brings continuous improvement and long-lasting memories. Thanks, nephew. You deserve the best birthday ever!

11. This is a birthday I couldn’t miss. You’re the best nephew in the world and you keep making me really proud to be your uncle.

12. Dearest Nephew, you work hard and stay focused. That’s why you’re so successful. Today, relax and have fun. You’ve earned it. Best wishes!

13. Celebrating you is the best way to spend the day. Wishing you a fantastic day and a perfect birthday!

14. Happy birthday to my nephew. With warm wishes and hugs, I pray that your birthday will be as great as you, my dear nephew!

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

15. You enrich my life with your presence, and I can’t even comprehend not having you in my life. Thanks for being a constant source of happiness for me.

16. Happy birthday nephew! You’re turning that perfect start living the life you want being the person you want to be. I hope your birthday is full of excitement and adventure.

17. Make mistakes while you still can nephew, and remember that you only get one chance in life. Live every year to the max so that you can look back with pride.

18. Happy Birthday to my cool nephew. Hey little boy, I may just like your mom… but I promise I will never use your secrets against you.

19. Happy Birthday to a wonderful nephew. You are the sun in this family shining with so much light that you can never be shut off.

20. You always set the bar high in life, and I am so proud of you. Thanks for always aiming high!

21. Let’s get some Happy Birthday songs going for my nephew! Have the best birthday in the world!

22. I can barely fathom all the great things you’re going to do in the future. But I know that they will be exceptional.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

23. Let’s raise a toast to another year of celebrating how phenomenal you are! I hope your birthday is as epic as you are.

24. I can’t believe my nephew is growing up so fast. I knew you when you were in diapers… a little bundle of crankiness. Now you’re almost as tall as me. Happy birthday to you!

25. The best nephew deserves the best uncle. You’re welcome, and happy birthday nephew!

26. Birthdays come and go but great people like you stay forever. Have a beautiful celebration.

27. Have the happiest birthday possible. Live your life to the fullest. Be the best you that no one can imitate. Best wishes and may all your dreams come true, nephew.

28. You’re less like a nephew and more like a son. I hope you understand how much I love and adore you. You’ve enriched my life with meaning and love.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

29. I thank God for you each day, you are not only my nephew, you are like my son and I would do anything for you. Enjoy your birthday kiddo.

30. From uncle to nephew, I vow to always give you honest, sound advice so that you can avoid the mistakes I made and sail through life.

31. May you get everything you wish for and more on your special day. You definitely deserve it and so much more.

32. Nephew, don’t think of it as getting older; think of it as getting to show of all the wisdom and experience you have earned in life.

heart touching birthday wishes for nephew
heart touching birthday wishes for nephew

33. Wishing you lots of success and good fortune. Have a great day, from your favorite Aunt and Uncle.

34. You’re a second son to me, and I want you to know that I will always be there for you if and when you need me. When you need a lifeboat in life just call me.

35. You are my sweet nephew but I love you like the son I never had. . Happy Birthday to my amazing nephew.

36. If I were you, I would postpone growing old. Enjoy your birthday though.

37. Nephews fill a special role in life. The role of being smothered by their aunt. You know you secretly love it. Happy birthday!

38. Nephew, I wish that you are the happiest today because it is your special day. I love you and wish you the best birthday ever!

birthday wishes for nephew in english

39. You deserve to brag a little on your birthday. Today you should shout to the mountain tops how amazing you are.

40. I hope my little nephew has one big birthday bash. Have fun and stay worry-free.

41. All your life, I just want you to remember one thing – that being your aunt, I have all the powers in the world to spoil you than your parents. I love you! Have a joyous birthday.

42. May you have a day that’s as special as you are. Happy birthday!

43. Happy Birthday my dear nephew! Your mother and I have gone through many things together and I will show you the same amount of love I showed her.

44. I’m so amazed at how far you’ve come, but I’m in awe of how far you’ll go.

45. May all your future years be just as amazing as you are.Life is one crazy thing after another. Kind of like your birthday parties.

46. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest nephew. When your parents say you can’t, just call your favorite aunt!

47. Look at what a grand journey your life has been so far, and it’s only going to get even better. Happy birthday nephew!

48. Happy Birthday. You are more than a nephew to me, you are my best friend and I hope I am too.

49. You are such a smart and bright. You show so much potential for the future. Looking forward to seeing you thrive in life. Wishing you the best, nephew!

50. I didn’t realize what I had been missing in life until you were born. Thanks for being pretty darn awesome.

51. I’m proud to say that you’re like a son to me. You’ve made this family very proud. Be blessed and happy on your birthday.

52. You’re the naughtiest nephew but also the cutest, so you’re forgiven.

53. Happy Birthday, nephew. From deep down I want to wish you a great day.

birthday wishes for nephew from aunt

54. My amazing nephew deserves an amazing birthday. I pray you live long enough to see better days.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Nephew

55. Hey birthday boy, I hope your birthday will be filled with happiness and joy! Happy Bday!

56. Dear nephew, I am happy to see you grow to become a smart and confident young man. I wish you a very happy birthday!

57. Nephew, just seeing you today makes me so happy. Thank you for the joy that you bring to me!

58. Dearest nephew, I wish that your birthday will be filled with wondrous moments, and may all your dreams come true!

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

59. Live to blow a thousand and one candles, Happy birthday my dear nephew.

60. My little awesome nephew, dream big because there’s no other way to dream.

61. Not only a close relative on whom you can depend, I will always remain your closest companion.

62. May you feel blessed today and may you have a birthday that is full of love and happiness that you truly deserve!

63. To my nephew whose coolness is just so amazing, I wish you a fun-filled birthday, I love you!

64. Hey nephew, I feel so blessed to watch you grow! May this day bring you so much joy! I love you!

65. I’m still wondering how you turned out so amazing when your dad is my goofy brother. Ok, best wishes and don’t tell him I said that.

funny birthday wishes for nephew

66. Having a nephew is like having a son but better. I get to be the fun auntie while someone else does the hard parenting part. Have a great birthday, kiddo!

67. The older you get, the older I feel. Happy birthday, from your uncle.

68. You have 100 reasons to smile on your birthday. Your amazing aunt has arrived. Now you have 101 reasons.

69. Fun times and awesome adventures! That’s how I describe moments with you!

70. I remember when I was your age. Not enough cares to hold me down. Enjoy it while it lasts, nephew.

71. Dance like no one’s watching. Party like it’s your day alive. And live like it’s your time to shine.

72. Happy birthday to you, nephew. Never lose your birthday swag!

Birthday Wishes for Nephew

73. The most valuable jewel around my neck is the arms of my nephew. I love you, my sweet child. Happy Birthday.

74. You are getting older nephew! It only seems like yesterday when I saw you in diapers, making a mess out of yourself. It is one of my fonder and stinker memories.

75. You’re my nephew but I love you as though you were my own son because you cannot imagine how happy you’ve made me.

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