Belated Birthday Wishes

Belated Birthday Wishes for Husband

Did you forget your husband’s birthday? and you are looking for belated birthday wishes for husband so that he can be happy? Shower him with your love and affection. Getting forgiveness won’t be easy but if you can manage to convey the pain of guilt in your heart on to lovely handmade gifts, or a birthday card then he will surely be happy.

We have collected some of the best belated birthday wishes for husband for you so that you can express yourself and let him know how guilty you are! Continue your apology by sending him a cute and funny birthday wishes for husband.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • I bet no one except me came to wish you a belated happy birthday. Don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for.
  • It’s true that I forgot your birthday but it doesn’t mean that I do not care about you. Happy belated birthday! May every day of your life be very special and colorful for you!
  • I have heard that love makes people blind but I didn’t know love made people forgetful too. Belated happy birthday to my husband who I love a lot.
  • I am so lucky that God brought you to this world and that we found each other. Sorry, I forgot about your birthday. Happy belated birthday, darling!

belated birthday wishes for husband

  • I will suffer in guilt for a lifetime if that is what it takes to see a smile on my husband’s face. Sorry, I forgot about your birthday.
  • I have hurt you by missing your birthday, but I am sure the wounds will heal once you see the gifts I’ve got for you. Happy Birthday!
  • Belated happy birthday! I’m very sorry for the late wish. May God fulfill all the things that your heart wants!
  • Late happy birthday! It’s true that I’m late but I wanted you to feel special today also.  And I’m sure that you’ll be happy to receive good wishes on this day too. Have a great time!
  • I forgot about your birthday. So what? There’s always a next time, next year. ‘Til then, belated happy birthday.
  • I’m sorry for the delay but I hope you had an extraordinary day. Be happy today, tomorrow, and always!
  • Forgive me please, I missed your birthday. I hope, you had received many good wishes, blessings, and love and had an enjoyable day!

belated birthday wishes for husband


  • I wonder, how could I forgot your birthday! I hope you’ll understand me and the situation I’m going through. Many blessings to you and wish you a wonderful life guided by God!
  • Life is all about forgiving and forgetting. I forgot about your birthday and you can forgive me. How perfect.
  • As my husband, you have the right to be angry, grumpy, and punish me for my mistake. But don’t forget that as your wife, I have the right to veto all your rights. So stop being angry and please forgive me. Belated happy birthday.
  • I am hoping that this tiny speed bump in the otherwise happy and sexy journey of our married life is overlooked. Belated happy birthday.
  • Please don’t say that I have lost my way. I may have forgotten your birthday but the path of my life will forever point to just one destiny – My Husband. I love you, belated happy birthday.
  • Stop whining about how I forgot your birthday. Happy belated birthday, darling!
  • Now I just remembered that yesterday was your birthday. My heartiest congratulations to you! So sorry for the delay. I hope all your birthday wishes come true.
  • Happy belated birthday! The wishes and blessings that I sent for you were trapped in the jam. I hope, this reason will work out.
  • Don’t get mad at me for forgetting your special day. Happy belated birthday! I know it’s late but my feelings for you don’t change. You are and will always be special to me.
  • Thank you for always making me feel loved, for telling me I’m beautiful even when I don’t feel beautiful. Thank you for being an amazing husband! I know it’s late but my feelings for you don’t change. Happy belated birthday, Sweetheart!
belated birthday wishes for husband
belated birthday wishes for husband

Pamper him with favors and keep saying sorry until he sees the regret in your heart. Hope you like our belated happy birthday for husband collection. Don’t forget his birthday from the next time. Come to our website for more heartwarming birthday wishes for your all friends and family.

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Best Birthday Wishes for Husband

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